Podcasts for Writers

I had so many lovely comments on my Helpful Blogs for Writers blog post that I thought I’d write about another resource which I’m also finding invaluable – Podcasts! I feel like writing podcasts are becoming more and more popular and I’m so happy about that. I love a podcast – it’s so nice to have something fun and engaging to listen to whilst on a walk or long journey. A lot of them have useful tips in too.

This is by no means exhaustive and I’m always looking for new recommendations so let me know.

1. In Suspense Pod

Podcast link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6MJVV1m3CKK-UmrU6WVOdw

Twitter: @InSuspensePod

If you follow me on Twitter @RhiBarnsley then you will have seen me go on about this podcast before. I found this on YouTube randomly one afternoon and I’ve listened to every episode they’ve put out. It’s presented by Lauren North and Lesley Kara who are both fantastic authors in the psychological suspense genre.

Each episode focuses on a different aspect of writing (including writing in later life and whether writing courses are helpful). Most of the guests are in the suspense/thriller genre but even if you aren’t writing or interested in the genre, the tips and discussions on the podcast will be helpful. Highly recommended!

2. Honest Authors’ Podcast

Podcast link: https://t.co/MceYaeq3F8?amp=1

Twitter link: @HonestAuthors

This was recommended to me by another author on Twitter and I’m so glad. The Honest Authors’ Podcast is presented by best-selling authors Holly Seddon and Gillian McAllister (both in the suspense/thriller genre).

Each episode either features a guest or a discussions between Holly and Gillian where they discuss their own writing and answer questions. They have a huge amount of episodes available on so many different topics. They recently did an episode where they had an agent round table which was fascinating. Another great podcast to add to your list!

3. The Write and Wrong Podcast

Podcast link: https://linktr.ee/writeandwrongpodcast

Twitter: @WriteandWrongUK

I have only just come across this podcast but I’m really enjoying listening to the episodes. Each episode features a guest from the writing world – including authors and agents from a range of genres. The podcast is hosted by writers Emma-Louise and Jamie. The podcast is fairly new but they already have lots of great content up. Well worth giving them a listen and showing them some support!

4. JoinedUp Writing Podcast

Twitter: @JUPodcast

Podcast link: https://joinedupwritingpodcast.wordpress.com/

I think this is the longest running podcast on the link – 7 years! Hosted by crime writer Wayne Kelly, this podcast has 154 episodes so you are sure to find something you like. The podcast features interviews with agents, authors, editors, publishers and more.

5. Write-off

Podcast link: https://shows.acast.com/write-off-with-francesca-steele/episodes/

Twitter: @francescasteele

From the longest running podcast in this post to the shortest running. Write-Off is presented by award-winning journalist and writer Francesca Steele. Episodes feature authors who talk about their experience of rejection and self doubt. As a writer who hopes to one day be published, self doubt is already something I’m experienced so I think this is great idea for a podcast.

That’s it for now although I’m sure there are loads out there which I haven’t come across yet. Feel free to drop any links below and I’ll update the post.

Happy writing (and listening),