Podcasts for Writers

I had so many lovely comments on my Helpful Blogs for Writers blog post that I thought I’d write about another resource which I’m also finding invaluable – Podcasts! I feel like writing podcasts are becoming more and more popular and I’m so happy about that. I love a podcast – it’s so nice to … Continue reading

Helpful Blogs for Writers

Authors are, in my experience, so generous with their time. I’ve been working on my novel for a few months and have come across incredibly helpful tips and blogs from authors. A lot of these have valuable advice, particularly when it comes to finding an agent and the publishing process. I approach writing my novel … Continue reading

Writing the middle part of a novel sucks

On 1st February I wrote “I’m at the 50k mark at the moment and am struggling to get through the clunky middle part of the novel.” It is now the evening of 14th February and I’m at 61,000 words. So 11k words in around 14 days. I’ve slowed my pace slightly this week. I’ve really … Continue reading